PhoenixFD allows you to pass simulation data from one liquid container to another through "Cascade Sources." You can have different sized containers that help avoid really large containers. You can even have different resolutions per container. Usually you have to simulate the first container and then start the next simulation when the first sim is complete. This goes "down the chain" so if you have a cascade chain of 5 simulators, you'll have to manually start each one when it's time. This can be an issue if you want to simulate overnight since it won't automatically start the next sim. To make this process easier, I wrote a script that allows you to simulate down a chain of cascade containers automatically with one button.
All you have to do is name your liquid containers numerically (PFD_001, PFD_002 or PFD01, PFD02). The script will simulate forward from whichever container you have selected. So if you have 3 containers, you can select any of the three and when that simulation finishes, it will automatically select the next numeric container and start the next simulation.
First set each container's cascade sources. (Remember, they must be named numerically for the script to work)
Then activate the "Use Script" option for all of the PhoenixFD containers in the cascade.
Then paste the provided script into the "Edit" window.
You can also open the MAXScript Listener to see messages (optional)
While simulating, the script will check if any containers don't have the grid velocity activated since it's required for cascade simulation.
Please feel free to use at your own risk. Always back up your files before using new scripts.