I wrote this script for a friend who needed a way to toggle many lights on and off easily. Here's how he used the script. This is a really specific task so it's probably only useful in rare scenarios.
The script controls light multipliers as well as optionally fading out brightness based on distance from one or more objects' pivot points. Light Control responds to changes in the time slider and supports animated objects for vray lights and standard 3DS Max lights.

To install the script

    1). Copy the "scripts" folder to 3DSMax root directory and merge with existing scripts folder
    2). Drag "jc_light_control_macro.mcr" into 3DSMax viewport

To Setup

    1). Customize User Interface
    2). New "Light Control" macro script will now be in "JC_Tools" category

Here's how to install and run it

Here are the initialization steps

Baking keys for rendering

Please feel free to use at your own risk. Always back up your files before using new scripts.