This is my entry for the Realflow Fluid Dimension Challenge. I learned about the challenge about 3 weeks ago and decided to try it since I’ve never done a challenge before. It required creating a Realflow fluid simulation based on 3D projected images and rendering with Cinema 4D. Since I am a 3DS Max user, doing the project with Cinema 4D was a challenge. I had never opened the software before and had no idea how to do anything so a lot of my efforts went into learning the software. I feel that I now know it at an introductory level and it has some really nice features that I enjoyed. Realflow performed splendidly as usual but this was my first project using Realflow 2014 and I was delighted with some of the new features. In particular, I absolutely love the ability to show the vector forces in the viewport for most daemons. It is an extremely helpful tool that takes away most of the guess work when using complicated systems of fluid forces.
The audio is a piece by my friend and colleague Alec Considine-Mueller
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