I went deep into the world of cloth simulation for this promo for The Americans Season 6. The cloth simulation of the american flag is based on specific live action reference. I used both Houdini and Marvelous Designer to achieve the cloth simulation and flag model, then I rendered using Vray in 3DS Max.
The cloth simulation was set up with real fabrics in mind so each star was individually stitched to the base of the flag so they could carry different physical properties. The stars on the real flag were more rigid than the base fabric, so I used similar physical constraints for the simulation in Marvelous Designer, which worked well and allowed very natural creasing and pinching. The stripes were separated by fabric seams to create visible creases and I modeled piping and stitch lines along the edges. Lastly, I created fine displacement maps from photos of the actual flag in order to extract additional crease details to match the reference.